Roman Vail is a published fashion photographer, retoucher and visual poet.  

Based in Brooklyn, NYC that offers great locations, Roman has worked with model and public relations agencies, model management and public-relations firms and brands worldwide.  Specializing in a street glam, editorial style he also does colorist, color grading and video work to enhance his fashion photo projects --but there is more to him and what he offers, look at his other work too.

With extensive visual and pro-audio experience in audio mastering for over 15 years, Roman Vail connects his professional production and post-production backgrounds to every project.  

And he does fly.  [Domestic and international travel to any photoshoot].

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Personal Background

Emigrating to the New York City as a child from the U.S.S.R., Roman was raised in the 80s -–moving around the City quite a bit made him a reserved voyeur, observing and imagining. 

In the 90s he was a young adult where the style of the 80s evolved to the gritty realism in film, grunge music and the "supermodel". His experience bridged reality and glamour that now is at the heart of every photo-shoot.

Initially Roman was studying creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College before going into Media Studies at Hunter College (CUNY). Eventually, through some interesting circumstances he found himself working as an audio mastering engineer, working with many artists, labels and indies. The skill-set, approach and creative senses are mutual to both disciplines. The access to creative thinkers, visual tapestry-makers and like-minded people honed some of the skills needed in photography and retouching.

Photography has always been in his family where aggressive photo-taking with his father every other weekend. Images, albums and great art hanged on the walls of both his family homes. Creativity, aesthetic, artistry and evocative imagery is the goal of each shoot Roman Vail. He will help you find the voice you want to share and get your images to not only look their best but allow for a "feel" to come across as though out from the image but from within your beautiful eye.

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