Capturing a moment, seizing a feeling -- it's just a passion and something I love to do!  

Offering editorial, fashion, and portrait photo-shoots indoor or location (domestic/international).  Custom packages are available at hourly, half and full day rates and do include full frame camera, lenses, lighting, digital delivery for proofing and final selects.  Other services include look-book, event and behind-the-scenes (BTS/documentary-style) photography.  

*Additional rentals and/or logistics are to be discussed.



Photo retouching -- it's more than just the techniques, it's knowing how, when and how much to use them! 

In addition to basic image editing, full retouching encompasses blemish removal, skin smoothing, subject re-shaping, color correction, color grading and other adjustments to lighting, contrast, selective exposure or background changing or removal of objects. 

Advanced techniques and options available.



Although there are some similarities between photography, video gives us movement!  

Services available are fashion promo, interview, cinemagraphs, social media/website profile, and documentary/short videos; and can include hand-held, 3-axis gimbal, tripod, sound and lighting.  Editing and sound work also available.



Using industry leading DaVinci Resolve, you can think of it as being retouching for video.

You need a system to apply color and changes to your footage to be consistent, qualified and results oriented. Colorist services include color correction, matching and grading for model or product shoots.

When digital capture isn't enough, you need color matching, skin-tones or elements in the scene corrected and adjusted --all before the artistic touches are even considered.  

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IMPORTANT before moving on with a project:

Each artist, each project and campaign is different and unique -- the needs and requirements are specific.  Please contact Roman directly to discuss the details and customize a quote together.  Payments can be made on this site or we can make arrangements after the full scope of the project is clear.  

Although there are packages in the Store with a variety of services, including photo/video, runway, audio and  remote sessions/lessons -- it is our belief that art is not all the same and does deserve particular attention.  The store packages are there for those who are on an urgent timeline or for whom the existing package matches their immediate requirements.




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