What’s the Matter?

What’s the matter with you? What’s the matter with me?

Black Lives Matter is something that hits us all and the fashion photography industry is interesting when confronted with the movement. 

We are dealing with a social fabric that flows, not just blows in the air.  Our flag and history is scarred (not starred), like red scratches on a peaceful white flag.

It’s a paradox – how this simple human awareness and global issue is so clear; and the more distilled the argument becomes, the more complicated. But in simpler words – it is wrong. It is wrong to put anyone down just because you can. And you shouldn’t want to; we should all strive toward a higher and higher standard. We all have our inner voices that we listen to or at least sit in the same room with that tell us how we ought to feel and what we ought to do and then we have the doers – those decidedly on the front lines of the movement. Respect. RESPECT: that is all we need – hallelujah Aretha! 

So long as the movement is forward that is a good thing. But it is so hard to tell in the moment, we have so much to consider and weigh against our hearts – our sins, eternal sins and foundational sins of our country. Sometimes I have to throw my hands up and say “I don’t know” and I hope it all works out. 

As a photographer with a disproportionately high volume of models of color, I choose to support in a way I can; in a way I can get my feet wet; in a way I can grow as a man; in a way (anyway) toward God’s completion of things, events, wars and troubled souls here on our rock, our Earth. I love whom I love, work with whom I work and we all support one another. 

 My wife is black and our son is mixed, but the world will see him as black. Paradox. To me he is us; to me he is ours; he is mine; he is His; he is more than just one thing that could be judged against him. Our son turns 14 today and more complicated than he will be known for and so are we all. For me, I need to be more simple when things are complicated and they are complex. I will choose to love. 

 Love whom you love, love what you do, love however you can. Simple.