Yes, Definitely, Absolutely

Loving what you hate vs. Hating what you love?

Hate is a strong word – may need to revise that.  What brings us to say no to all that a job gives us?  Is it cool to be cool, “too cool for school” or dope to be duped by the reality we’ve created for ourselves?  On the one hand, a job is a job and it has real ends:  you earn money, propel the dream, and build a reputation (mostly for better, hopefully not worse).  The conflict occurs when the dream is cock-blocked by what we deem as worthy our artistic capital, our intellectual energy and/or all the ergos, herewiths, whences, thous, and thys (hash tag factum) keeping us talking fancy and living below our talents, below standards and (for some of us) below other people’s roofs.  

So, do we sell out? Do we do whatever to bring a paycheck home?  In short - yes - and we all may be doing it already, not realizing – because this is all bit tricky.  Can both arguments be right?  In quoting a favorite family line we’ve borrowed from Gravity Falls – “Yes, definitely, absolutely…” you have to “…rig it” in your own favor.  

Take control; don’t editorialize your own self from being able to take care of yourself and those that rely on you.  #GenerationalArguments (that’s not even a good hashtag).  Ok, we have two camps:  1) You’re living off someone else and 2) you’re living with someone else.  Is there a (D) All of the above?  Maybe.  

There are a few ways to look at this but I’ll take a look at it pertains to my own experience.  Being an idealist or having idealistic thoughts about the art I create; being a compulsively passionate artist; just being me and knowing what I would like to do/create and become isn’t guaranteed.  I would think that if I only focus on what I need to do, then I would achieve that (sounds logical).  Focusing only on fashion photography would make me a fashion photographer.  Right? Do I remember all the shoots and people that have helped me – by allowing me to test with them or fund my dreams?  Of course – but is all that work at the level I am now, no - maybe?  

Yes, Definitely, Absolutely!  

I am the sum of my life, the sum of my experiences, the sum of my parents and I am part of a sum-thing: my own family.  Why wouldn’t I do a variety of shoots?  Recently, I have posted some of my other work on my site – some of it is non-derivative to what I shoot now and some of it will show you the road it has taken for me to get here.  I am proud and blessed to be working in any capacity, doing what I love and enjoy.  All our circumstances are different, but just wanted to encourage myself and you all to think about our blessings, our path, and our future.