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$60.00 USD

[This is $60 per image]

Photo retouching -- it's more than just the techniques, it's knowing how, when and how much to use them! 

Altering an image to prepare it for final presentation. Localized and globalized adjustments (such as color correction/image balance). Also include adjustments to white balance, contrast, saturation, skin-tone, sharpening and cropping (among other things) -- all to make the image be its best for the intended audience.  It is both technical and artistic and prepares an image for publication in a magazine or web/social delivery.  

Advanced techniques to remove objects, backgrounds, masking, re-shaping the subjects clothing, body or features are also options when retouching or compositing images together.  Matching product or scene colors and making things look natural-looking or glam/glossy when they need to be.

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